Advanced module for displaying image

This module provides an alternative to managing images in Thelia.



  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the module is ImageFactory.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/image-factory-module:~0.4.0


With Smarty

{* With product id *}
  {image_factory attr=['class'=> 'example-1'] code='test' view="product" view_id="325" inner="<li>?</li>" limit=10}

{* With product sale element id *}
  {image_factory attr=['class'=> 'example-1'] code='test' view="product_sale_element" view_id="21" inner="<li>?</li>" limit=10}

{* With image id *}
  {image_factory attr=['class'=> 'example-2'] code='test' view="product" image_id="10,11,12,13,14" inner="<li>?</li>"}

{* With image file name *}
  {image_factory attr=['class'=> 'example-3'] code='test' file_name="sample-image-394.png,sample-image-396.png" inner="<li>?</li>"}

{* With force image not found *}
  {image_factory force_not_found=true code='test' file_name="an-image-which-does-not-exist"}

{* With an variable *}

{image_factory out="images" force_not_found=true code='test' file_name="an-image-which-does-not-exist"}

{$images|var_dump} {* $images is an collection of type ImageFactory\Response\FactoryResponseCollection *}
{$images[0]|var_dump} {* $images[0] is an object of type ImageFactory\Response\FactoryResponse *}

{* It's possibale to iterate on the collection *}

{foreach from=$images key=k item=image}

{* The object FactoryEntity implements the method __toString. This method returns the html code. *}

{foreach from=$images key=k item=image}
 {$image} {* Display the html code *}

With PHP

    /** @var \ImageFactory\Handler\FactoryHandler $factoryHandler */
    $factoryHandler = $this->getContainer()->get('image_factory.factory_handler');

    $image = ProductImageQuery::create()->findOne();
    $factoryCode = 'test';

    $url = $factoryHandler->getUrl($factoryCode, null, 'path/your/image');
    $url = $factoryHandler->getUrl($factoryCode, $image);

    $uri = $factoryHandler->getUri($factoryCode, null, 'path/your/image');
    $uri = $factoryHandler->getUri($factoryCode, $image);


The command image-factory:generate-destination

For generate all images of a specific factory

    php Thelia image-factory:generate-destination product-high,product-medium,product-small

Or for all factories

    php Thelia image-factory:generate-destination "*"

With this command, the images already present on the destination paths will not be regenerated. It's possible to force the generation process by adding the option --force.

    php Thelia image-factory:generate-destination product-high,product-medium,product-small --force

The command image-factory:reload-factory

For reload all factories in the cache

    php Thelia image-factory:reload-factory

Configure your factories on your database (table image_factory)

Column Description Type
code The code of the factory Text (Example : "product-medium")
priority Loading priority Integer (Example : 4, Default : 0)
sources A list of sources path Text (Example : " my/path/1 | my/path/2 ")
destination A destination path Text (Example : "images/product/medium")
just_symlink For ignore the processing and create a symlink to the source file. Boolean (Default : 0)
width The width of the destination image Integer (Example : 400)
height The height of the destination image Integer (Example : 400)
quality The quality of the destination image. From 1 to 100 Integer (Example : 90)
background_color The color applied to empty image parts during processing. Use rgb or rrggbb color format Integer (Example : "000000", Default : "FFFFFF")
background_opacity The opacity applied to the background color. From 0 to 100 Integer (Example : 90, Default: 100)
resize_mode If 'exact_ratio_with_crop', the image will have the exact specified width and height, and will be cropped if required. If the source image is smaller than the required width and/or height, you have to set allow_zoom to true, otherwise the generated image will be smaller than required. If 'exact_ratio_with_borders', the image will have the exact specified width and height, and some borders may be added. The border color is the one specified by 'background_color'. If 'none' or missing, the image ratio is preserved, and depending od this ratio, may not have the exact width and height required. Text (Default : "exact_ratio_with_borders")
rotation The rotation angle in degrees (positive or negative) applied to the image. From -180 to 180. The background color of the empty areas is the one specified by 'background_color' Integer (Default : 0)
persist Persist on destination path after the processing Integer (Default : 1)
allow_zoom If true, the factory il allowed to resize an image to match the required width and height, causing, in most cases, a quality loss. If false, the image will never be zoomed. Integer (Default : 0)
imagine_library_code Name of the graphic driver used by the Imagine library (see Integer (Default : "gd", Possible : "gd, imagick, gmagick")


  • The configuration interface on the back office

Advanced module for displaying image

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