Klik and Pay


This module add the secure payment method Klik & Pay on your site.




This module add the secure payment method Klik & Pay on your site.


Copyright (c) OpenStudio
email : info@thelia.net web : http://www.thelia.net Author: Christophe Laffont


To install this module, you will need:

  1. Download the archive uncompress in the folder /local/modules/ on your site.

  2. In your backOffice, click on the menu Modules and enable Klik & Pay under the PAYMENT MODULES section.

  3. You need to configure the module with your account id:     (The account identifier is available in your Klik & Pay backoffice, menu Account Administration > Information on the account. )

  4. You must also set your returns URL in your Klik & Pay backoffice, menu Account Set-up > Set-up,

    URL transaction accepted: http://www.yourdomain.com/klikandpay/order/placed URL refused/cancelled transaction: http://www.yourdomain.com/klikandpay/order/failed

  5. Finally, to automatically validate a transaction, you have to set the Dynamic Return URL in your klik & pay backoffice, menu Account Set-up > Dynamic Return.

    Dynamic Return URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/klikandpay/confirmation?commande=

    Important: If you use the dynamic return URL, it's also very important to checked the value MONTANTXKP (Transaction amount).


There are 3 samples pages in the module that you can find in the folder /local/modules/klikandpay/templates/frontOffice/default/ and you have to copy them into your theme if you are not using the default's theme.

  • order-payment.html: page used to send the order data to Klik & Pay's payment services.
  • order-placed.html: Return page when your order is accepted.
  • order-failed.html: Return page when your order is refused or canceled.

Notice: These samples are just made to help you to integrate the module Klik & Pay in your project and you might have them already into your theme for an other module of payment.


I added a product in my cart , but I don't see the secure payment Klik & Pay? To use the secure payment Klik & Pay , you must make sure you have fill in the backoffice of your shop, Modules > Klik&Play > Configure, all the mandatory information.

I configured the module parameters, but I still don't see the secure payment Klik & Pay? You must ensure that the amount of your cart is not less than the Minimum Amount or above the Maximum amount.

Why my website is not authorized to access the secure payment Klik & Pay? Klik & Pay verifies the origin of transactions. Only sites declared under Account Set-Up > Set-up are allowed to send transactions.

Will my card be charged if I try to order a product in TEST mode No, the TEST mode works exactly like PRODUCTION mode but does not allow the sending bank transactions.

My order is not validated while the secure payment Klik & Pay worked well?

  • You must ensure that the Dynamic URL in the backoffice of Klik & Pay Account Set-Up > Dynamic Return has been set and that the file exists on your site. Make sure you have checked the value MONTANTXKP to returned.


  • 1.0.0 ( 19/03/2014 ) - First version of the module


  • Add other payment methods Klik & Pay (Deferred Payment / Payment by Subscription / Payment in X instalments / E-mail Payment).
  • Add a page to view order history Klik & Pay

Klik and Pay

This module add the secure payment method Klik & Pay on your site.

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.0

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