This module creates and manages your Mailjet Mailing Lists automatically. As soon as someone subscribe to your Mailing List on your website, he is added to your Contact list on your Mailjet account. And when someone unsubscribes from Mailjet, he is automatically removed from your Thelia Mailing List.

author: Benjamin Perche

Based on the APIv3 Documentation of mailjet.

  1. Prerequisites

You must have a Mailjet account and have created a mailing list. Get your mailing list address that is like and keep the 'xxxxxx' in mind.

  1. Installation

There is two ways to install the mailjet module:

  • Download the zip archive of the file, import it from your backoffice or extract it in thelia/local/modules
  • require it with composer:
"require": {
    "thelia/mailjet-module": "~1.0"

Then go to the configuration panel, give your API key and secret. You can leave the webservice address as its default value. Then enter your mailing list name (the 'xxxxxx') into the 4th field. Save and you're done !

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A helpful module to create and manage your Mailjet Mailing List automatically.

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.0

Version :

Version 1.0

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