This module allow you to add easily a reCAPTCHA to your form



Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/re-captcha-module:~1.0


Before using this module you have to create google api key here next configure your reCAPTCHA access here /admin/module/ReCaptcha` then you'll need help from a developer to add some hooks in template and dispatch check event


First if you don't have {hook name="main.head-top"} hook in your template you have to put this hook {hook name="recaptcha.js"} in the top of your head After that you have the choice between two type of captcha :

  1. A standard captcha

Checkbox captcha

In this case you have just to put this hook {hook name="recaptcha.v2.button"} in form where you want to use captcha

  1. The new invisible captcha

Invisible captcha

In this case you'll have a bit more to do :

  • Add this class captcha-form to the form
  • Add this class g-recaptcha to the submit button and this hook {hook name="recaptcha.invisible.button"} in the tag like this <button class="btn btn-primary g-recaptcha" {hook name="recaptcha.invisible.button"}>Validate</button>


To check in server-side if the captcha is valid you have to dispatch the "CHECK_CAPTCHA_EVENT" like this :

$checkCaptchaEvent = new ReCaptchaCheckEvent();
$this->dispatch(ReCaptchaEvents::CHECK_CAPTCHA_EVENT, $checkCaptchaEvent);

Then the result of check is available in $checkCaptchaEvent->isHuman()as boolean so you can do a test like this :

if ($checkCaptchaEvent->isHuman() == false) {
    throw new \Exception('Invalid captcha');
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This module allow you to add easily a reCAPTCHA to your thelia form

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