Image carousel

This module for Thelia add a customizable carousel on your home page. You can upload you own image and overload the default template in your template for using the carousel.


  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the module is Carousel.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel


In the configuration panel of this module, you can upload as many images as you want.


The carousel is installed in the "Home page - main area" (home.body) hook.


Customize images with the carousel loop, which has the same arguments as the image loop. You can define a width, a height, and many other parameters

Input arguments

Argument Description
width A width in pixels, for resizing image. If only the width is provided, the image ratio is preserved. Example : width="200"
height A height in pixels, for resizing image. If only the height is provided, the image ratio is preserved. example : height="200"
rotation The rotation angle in degrees (positive or negative) applied to the image. The background color of the empty areas is the one specified by 'background_color'. example : rotation="90"
background_color The color applied to empty image parts during processing. Use $rgb or $rrggbb color format. example : background_color="$cc8000"
quality The generated image quality, from 0(!) to 100%. The default value is 75% (you can hange this in the Administration panel). example : quality="70"
resize_mode If 'crop', the image will have the exact specified width and height, and will be cropped if required. If 'borders', the image will have the exact specified width and height, and some borders may be added. The border color is the one specified by 'background_color'. If 'none' or missing, the image ratio is preserved, and depending od this ratio, may not have the exact width and height required. resize_mode="crop"
effects One or more comma separated effects definitions, that will be applied to the image in the specified order. Please see below a detailed description of available effects. Expected values :
  • gamma:value : change the image Gamma to the specified value. Example: gamma:0.7.
  • grayscale or greyscale : switch image to grayscale.
  • colorize:color : apply a color mask to the image. The color format is $rgb or $rrggbb. Example: colorize:$ff2244.
  • negative : transform the image in its negative equivalent.
  • vflip or vertical_flip : flip the image vertically.
  • hflip or horizontal_flip : flip the image horizontally.
example : effects="greyscale,gamma:0.7,vflip"
group The name of an image group. Return only images from the specified group
filter_disable_slides if true (the default), the disabled slides will not be displayed

Ouput arguments

Variable Description
$ID the image ID
$IMAGE_URL The absolute URL to the generated image
$ORIGINAL_IMAGE_URL The absolute URL to the original image
$IMAGE_PATH The absolute path to the generated image file
$ORIGINAL_IMAGE_PATH The absolute path to the original image file
$ALT alt text
$TITLE the slide title
$CHAPO the slide summary
$DESCRIPTION the slide description
$POSTSCRIPTUM the slide conclusion
$LOCALE the textual elements locale
$POSITION the slide position in the carousel
$URL the related URL
$LIMITED true if slide is disabled, false otherwise
$START_DATE limited slide display start date
$END_DATE limited slide display end date
$DISABLE true if slide display is limited
$GROUP name of the group the slide belong to


{loop type="carousel" name="carousel.front" width="1200" height="390" resize_mode="borders"}
    <img src="{$IMAGE_URL}" alt="{$ALT}">

How to override ?

If you want your own carousel in your tempalte, create the directory modules/Carousel then create the template carousel.html in this directory. Here you can create your own carousel and the replace the default template provided in the module.


Image carousel

This module for Thelia adds a customizable carousel on your home page.

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