Comment system

The module Comment allows customer to add comments on different elements of the website : product, content, ...

A comment is composed of a :

  • title
  • message
  • rating
  • is related to a customer

The message can be moderated by a administrator before being displayed on the website (recommended).

Only registered and logged in customer can post comment on the website. You can also only authorized customers to post comment on products that they have bought. Customers will receive an email after 15 days (by default) to encourage them to post comment.

If the comment has been accepted the customer can edit or delete it.

This module is compatible with Thelia version 2.1 or greater.



  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the module is Comment.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/comment-module ~1.3.0


In back-office, the configuration page allows you to configure the module.

In the tools menu, a new page displays comments and let you manage them.

In the front office, an integration is provided for the default template. It uses hooks, so it's activated by default.

You can override these smarty templates in the current template. You have to put your templates files in this directory (with default template) : template/frontOffice/default/modules/Comment/


The module provides a new loop : comment

Input arguments

Argument Description
id the comment id
customer the customer id
ref the reference key. eg : product
ref_id the reference id. (the product id)
status the status of the comment : 0 = pending, 1 = accepted
verified the customer has bought the product
locale the locale of the comment : fr_FR
load_ref load or not the reference object. default = 0
ref_locale locale of the reference object fields. default: the request locale

Output arguments

Variable Description
$ID the comment id
$USERNAME the username
$EMAIL the email
$CUSTOMER_ID the customer id
$REF the reference key
$REF_ID the reference id
$TITLE the title
$CONTENT the content
$RATING the rating
$STATUS the status : : 0 = pending, 1 = accepted
$VERIFIED 0 : not verified / not applicable, 1 = the customer has bought the product
$ABUSE an abuse counter.

how to get the rating of a product

Ratings are stored in the meta_data table. to retrieve the rating, you can use the smarty function meta like this :

{$rating={meta meta="COMMENT_RATING" key="product" id="10"}}
{if $rating}
<span class="pull-right">
    rating: {$rating}
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Comment system

The module allows customers to add comments on different elements of the website

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.1

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.2

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.3

Author :

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