Customer family

Create customer families (professional, private individual, ...) and manage specific prices.

Also allow to define purchase prices for products.


Thelia >= 2.3.x

For use with lower version of Thelia look for older tags on this module.



  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/CustomerFamily directory and be sure that the name of the module is CustomerFamily.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/customer-family-module:~1.5.0


This module is visible in the BackOffice Customer Edit.

Use the first tab to create, edit or remove families. You can also define default family, use to show specific price to unlogged customers.

The second tab allows you to define how prices are calculated for each family, depending on the products purchase price.

Product's prices are automatically changed in the 'product' loop, you don't need to use 'customer_family_pse_calculated_prices' loop (see below) to get product's prices.


Use provided loops to display for example taxed or untaxed price depending on the customer's family.


This loop returns client families

Input arguments

Argument Description
id family id
exclude_id exclude family id
is_default filter default family

Output values

Argument Description
CUSTOMER_FAMILY_ID customer family id
CODE customer family code
TITLE_CUSTOMER_FAMILY customer family title
IS_DEFAULT default customer family


{loop type="customer_family" name="customer_family_loop" current_product=$product_id limit="4"}


This loop returns customer family for specific customer or inverse

Input arguments

Argument Description
customer_id customer id
customer_family_id family id
customer_family_code family code

Output values

Argument Description
CUSTOMER_FAMILY_ID customer family id
CUSTOMER_ID customer id
SIRET siret number
VAT vat number id


{loop type="customer_customer_family" name="customer_customer_family_loop" customer_id="4"}


This loop returns the customer family's equation data

Input arguments

Argument Description
customer_family_id family id
promo equation for the promo price or not
use_equation is the equation used to calculate price

Output values

Argument Description
CUSTOMER_FAMILY_ID customer family id
PROMO equation for the promo price or not
USE_EQUATION is the equation used to calculate price
AMOUNT_ADDED_BEFORE amount directly added to the purchase price
AMOUNT_ADDED_AFTER amount added to the purchase price after the multiplication
COEFFICIENT coefficient the purchase price added to AMOUNT_ADDED_BEFORE is multiplied by
IS_TAXED are taxes applied on the final calculated price


{loop type="customer_family_price" name="customer_family_price_loop" customer_family_id=1 promo=0}


This loop returns the PSE's calculated price based on the given customer family & currency

Input arguments

Argument Description
pse_id mandatory, PSE id
currency_id currency id (if not given, use default currency)
customer_family_id mandatory, customer family id

Output values

Argument Description
CALCULATED_PRICE customer family id
CALCULATED_TAXED_PRICE equation for the promo price or not
CALCULATED_PROMO_PRICE is the equation used to calculate price
CALCULATED_TAXED_PROMO_PRICE amount directly added to the purchase price


{loop type="customer_family_pse_calculated_prices" name="customer_family_pse_calculated_prices_loop" pse_id=22 customer_family_id=1}

Form customer_family_customer_create_form

This form extend customer_create_form


Name Type Required
customer_family_id integer true
siret string false
vat string false


By default, two families are created

  • Private individual
  • Professional
customer-family.jpg Download

Customer family

For create families or categories of customer, example professional / particular

Compatibility :

Thelia 2.0

Author :

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