Google Map Thelia

author : Penalver Antony

This module allow to integrate a google map with somes options.

1. Installation


  • Copy the module into <thelia_root>/local/modules/ directory and be sure that the name of the module is TheliaGoogleMap.
  • Activate it in your thelia administration panel

Warning : You need to configure your google api keys for google maps in configuration form before to use it.
To get api key follow these instructions :


Add it in your main thelia composer.json file

composer require thelia/thelia-googlemap-module:~1.0

2. Usage

Use smarty function to integrate it in you template : {google_map id="YOUR_ID"}{/google_map}

Somes options are availables:

Options Type Description Default
class String Allow to change css class theliagooglemap
zoom Integer Allow to change base map zoom 0
centerlat Float Used to set the latitude for base center map ( need centerLon to be set ) 0
centerlon Float Used to set the longitude for base center map ( need centerLat to be set ) 0
address String Used to set the center point for map null
control Boolean Used to disable default control UI false
zoom-ctrl Boolean Used to enable zoom control UI true
pan-ctrl Boolean Used to enable pan control UI true
scale-ctrl Boolean Used to enable scale control UI true
map-ctrl Boolean Used to enable map type control UI true
street-ctrl Boolean Used to enable street view control UI true
overview-ctrl Boolean Used to enable overview control UI false
mouse-ctrl Boolean Used to enable mouse control false
show-marker Boolean Used to enable showing markers true
marker-src URL Used to set an url source to show mutiples markers null
marker-src-refresh Boolean Used to refresh marker on map zoom or move false
marker-src-refresh-ttl Integer Time in ms before triggering the URL to refresh markers 100
template-name String Used to set a template on map base
pin-link URL Used to set a custom pin null
show-info Boolean Used to enable info window in map true
cluster Boolean Used to enable clustering for markers false
cluster-options-callback String Set a callback function to define custom configuration for clustering {}
geocoder-error-callback String Used to set a callback function error handler for geocoder error console log

Deprecated options in favor of cluster-options-callback (since version 1.7) :

Options Type Description Default
cluster-grid-width Integer Width size grid for cluster element 10
cluster-grid-height Integer Height size grid for cluster element 10
pin-cluster-link URL Used to set a custom pin for cluster marker null

3. Marker Source

To use marker source you need to respect a format.

Json format :

    title : "TITLE MARKER",
    loc : [ "LATITUDE" ,"LONGITUDE" ],
    description : "DESCRIPTION",
    link : "URL TO BIND BUTTON",
    link-label : "LABEL FOR BUTTOM"

4. Templating

Template list

Some template are integrate by default :

Name Description Key
Red Demo template describe in google map documentation : red
Black Template black and white for classy map black

Create your own template

    1. Create a js file
    1. Get theliaGoogleMapTemplate variable
    1. Insert your template like this:
    "red": {
        "featureOpts": [
                stylers: [
                    {hue: '#890000'},
                    {visibility: 'simplified'},
                    {gamma: 0.5},
                    {weight: 0.5}
                elementType: 'labels',
                stylers: [
                    {visibility: 'off'}
                featureType: 'water',
                stylers: [
                    {color: '#890000'}
        "styledMapOptions": {
            name: "Red Template"
    1. Insert your js file in main.after-javascript-include hook

5. Info Window

To customise info window you have to modify following css classes :

  • thelia-google-map-info-window
  • thelia-google-map-info
  • thelia-google-map-title
  • thelia-google-map-descp
  • thelia-google-map-link

6. Options

6.1 Insert Google map js

You can limitate Google Map API include to a particular Hook in module configuration. You just have to toggle configuration key and Google Map include script change binding from "main.after-javascript-include" to "theliagooglemap.front.insertjs". To insert the script in one page add the hook before main include javascript.`

Hook to add :

{hook name="theliagooglemap.front.insertjs" modulecode="TheliaGoogleMap"}

6.2 Example for geocoder-error-callback

{google_map id="test-address" zoom=17 address="sdklgjodfh" geocoder-error-callback="callBackGeo"}
function callBackGeo(status){

6.3 Example for cluster-options-callback

To use custom cluster options, you have to use the cluster-options-callback like this :

{google_map id="test-address" zoom=14 address="sdklgjodfh" cluster="1" cluster-options-callback="clusterOptions"}
function clusterOptions(status){
  var clusterOptions = {
    gridSize: 60,
    styles: [
        url: "http:///",
        height: 46,
        width: 36,
        anchor: [10, 0],
        textColor: '#ffffff',
        textSize: 11
        url: '',
        height: 46,
        width: 36,
        anchor: [0, 0],
        textColor: '#ff0000',
        textSize: 15

  return clusterOptions;
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Thelia 2.0

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