Product indexation and search with ElasticSearch

[ALPHA] This module is in alpha version and is not yet stable.

Fast search for your products with ElasticSearch !



  • Thelia
    • Version: >= 2.2
  • ElasticSearch
    • Version: >= 6.4 < 7.0
    • Plugins:
      • analysis-icu


composer require thelia/elastic-product-module:~0.0.4



Configure the module with your server informations.
The "Index prefix" config will be used to prefix the index name, the full index name will be {YOUR_PREFIX}_products.

In configuration page you can disable or enable features and attributes filters.


This module use 2 Thelia native hooks :

  • main.head-bottom : For add the CSS
  • main.javascript-initialization : For add the JS

Be sure theses hooks are presents in your templated

And 1 own hook :

  • elastic_product.container : For add the search field

Put this hook where you want add the search field.


You can index your products with the button in module configuration page.
Or a more efficient way is to execute this command php Thelia elasticproduct:index:build this will create the index with the mapping and index the whole catalog.
You can set a cron with this command to reindex the catalog every month, week or day. Don't execute this command more than once a day because it can take very long time on big catalog.

But if your version of Thelia is >= 2.4.0 you can execute this other command php Thelia elasticproduct:index:queue, this will only index modified products since last indexation. So you can set a cron with this command every hour.


Product indexation and search with ElasticSearch

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