Free online products alert

Author : Romain Ducher

1. Usage

This module warns you if online products are currently free. Products concerned by this warning are:

  • Products with free sale elements which are not currently in promo.
  • Products with sale elements currently in promo and whose promo price is 0.

To be warned by the module you just have to activate it. If you want to turn off the warning, deactivate the module.

The warning is displayed on Thelia's administration console's homepage.

2. Options

To select options you have to go in configuration module page.

There are 2 options :

  • Stop propagation event for creation and update. ( A product can't be free with this option )
  • Receive a mail when an product is free.

3. Installation

Install it as a Thelia module by downloading the zip archive and extracting it in thelia/local/modules or by uploading it with the backoffice (at /admin/modules), or by requiring it with Composer:

"require": {
    "thelia/gratisonlinealert-module": "~1.0"

Free online products alert

This module warns you if online products are currently free

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